Why I Care About Marriage Equality

Lezz-be-honest. I am single. Most of my relationships would make excellent commercials for why gays should never mix or marry. That being said, living in one of the reddest states in the country, I was thrilled with attending an event today where the people of Utah stood in unison demanding the state accept the fact that Proposition 3 is outdated, homophobic, and wrong. It hurts people. It hurts families.

ImageIf you don’t like gay marriage, don’t get gay married.

I saw a lot of allies today. I saw lesbian parents, and gay husbands, and allies upon allies supporting my rights and responsibilities as a citizen of this country. I seldom take political stances because I hate division. I hate being someone that feeds social media outlets, but sometimes I can’t help myself. Gay marriage is a civic right. According to the SUPREME COURT.ImageThose cloaks are so drab. They need fun hats.

So I was at the rally. I laughed, I listened and I cried. There were children and families showing their need for equal rights. I am not asking America for special rights. I am asking to be treated like my straight friends, without religious disapproval or legal ramifications. I want to be treated the same as my siblings. I want a life that is equal. Why is that so wrong? How does that threaten marriage?

ImageI f-ing dare you.

Until next time, stay classy (and equal) Salt Lake.

Why Ellen DeGeneres Restores my Faith in Humanity

So after a morning full of terrible television (after hooking up the old, crappy tv since the new one from Newbs and Alejandro isn’t finding channels), I watched Ellen today, which as usual reminded me that there are good people that honestly care about people and want to help them. Between making people laugh and dance, to interviewing really great celebrities that are actually helping people, to giving people facing hardship in their lives, she makes me smile and cry simultaneously.

ImageGod how I love you, you big lesbian.

Ellen is self-effacing. She keeps things light, and humorous. She gives people gifts that frankly surpass any and every talk show host that I’ve ever watched. Today she gave $10,000 to a family fighting breast cancer and oodles of gifts from December’s 12 days of giving. She’s the kind of person that we should all look up to. Because she’s flipping awesome.

ImageAnd Portia is not that bad, either. Hello Arrested Development!

I just hope that as 2014 unfolds, I find the same happiness and joy that she brings to others every single day. While I doubt I will ever have my own show (most of my jokes are poached, lezz-be-honest) I do hope that my life and my work helps other people the way that she does. Am I lezzing out? You betcha. And given the political climate of Utah right now, I hope that things continue to progress forward so that some day, I can be as miserable as my straight married friends. You know how they do.

ImageSomeday, hopefully. Someday.

Until then stay classy (and be kind to one another) Salt Lake.

Snakes on a Plane

Yes, yes. I know. The movie is aged. It is ridiculous, it is not family material. But it was one of the things that spurred me to watching trash both on the big screen and on television.

ImageFuck the rose, take your pants off.

While I recognize that different… segments of the American population like to watch certain things, I demand that those same Americans red-neck-ognize that there is a bounty of terrible movies and tv shows that they don’t realize are available on Hulu and Netflix that warm the heart without breaking the bank. Enter Snakes on a Plane (or SOAP).

ImageYour seat cushion can also be used as… Holy shit is that a SNAKE?!

Snakes on a Plane involves an angry mob boss, the feds, and Julianna Margolis. If you haven’t watched it yet, shame on you. All I can say is that, after a bumpy start to 2014, I live for this movie. And I beg of you, for the children, to watch it. Because it lives up to its name. So rent the shit out of it. K?

ImageSo. Many. Quotables.

In the meantime, stay classy (and snake-free) Salt Lake.

Year in Review

So it’s been 366 days since I started into the madness that was 2013. I laughed, I cried. I did some amazing things, and made some insanely large changes in my life. Rather than rattle off all of the changes (if you’ve been reading you already know what has happened) but I do have to admit that I am surprised in my resolve to lose weight.

ImageMy nemesis. In all of its demonic glory.

Suffice it to say that 2013 was a year full of change. That said, I am looking forward to 2014. I am going to fly out to Kansas (on purpose) to meet Abby P’s new little girls. I call them Mary Kate and Ashley because they’re twins and I find it amusing. My parents and my siblings are planning on coming to visit; my sister hasn’t been here for years, and Andy was so busy with life and family that he hasn’t been able to get out west. I am beyond excited to show my family my life, and all of the crazy that it entails.

ImageI’ve driven by it a thousand times. Now I have a reason to go.

2013 was bumpy. I won’t lie. But then again, when hasn’t life been bumpy in Utah? At least I have a handle on things for the most part. I just hope that 2014 doesn’t hold any additional surprises. Losing Roger Thomas was a wild card; spending time with my nephews during the holidays was something I will treasure always. Even if it’s meant getting yet another head cold. Bacteria have got nothing on snuggles with my nieces and nephews.

ImageSeriously. How can you not love them?

So now I am off to work on Book Two, and to get Book One formatted appropriately so that I can <GASP> publish it this spring. I look forward to more time with family, getting situated at my new job, some consulting, and figuring out what medical condition or conditions I have so I can be proactive. In the meantime, stay classy (and HAPPY NEW YEAR!) Salt Lake.