Guerilla Gardening 2.0

Nothing says summer like fresh produce. Unless you live at Castle Graystone, where trying to grow your own veggies is a battle of wills. And I can finally say that after vandalism, poor soil, and some really, really hot days, that I have prevailed. While I’ve missed the Ocho something fierce, B-Long and I have been able to surreptitiously raise squash, pole beans and tomatoes. And I am prepared to enjoy my bounty.

bounty-of-vegetablesOk, maybe not this much, but still.

B-Long came over after I got home from work today and we walked around the grounds, darting behind hedgerows and ducking behind fences to see the literal fruits of our labor. The tomatoes hidden in Hollow #1 are huge and green; I’ll ripen them in a brown bag. The squash blossoms are huge. And don’t get me started on the pole beans. It’s like the Farmer’s Market up in here, only as if the beans were planted by ninjas.

4ninjasYep. I went there. NINJAS.

The icing on the cake is that I may very well be nominated to be on the HOA board, which would be simultaneously the world’s largest time suck and something I’d find worthwhile because I would <GASP> finally be able to push for a community garden and have some clout. This will inevitably gain me some enemies, but hey, you can’t make an omelet without breaking some eggs, every cook will tell you that.

tumblr_leavr0lJhz1qfmj6mo1_500But look at what happened to the cook!

So we’ll see. The house is somewhat in order, Davey’s final days in SLC are winding down, and I have a ticket to go home for Christmas even though it’s before Labor Day. Because that’s how Hurricane Suzie rolls. I look forward now to some quiet time with Luna, who after a whirlwind weekend is socially exhausted and now making sure the blanket on the couch doesn’t go anywhere.

2014-08-25_18-00-02_459She’s really good at it. Seriously.

Until next time, stay classy (and organic) Salt Lake!

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