This is getting ridiculous

Ok. So. You know how much I like to write. And after my sister’s surprise visit I had every intention of getting back into the every other day semi-routine of giving you the highlights (and low lights) of the life and times of yours truly. Of course, work has been crazy busy, but the sky is also blue, what else is new. Suffice it to say that my ongoing battle between my body and my mind has continued to keep me… busy.


Seriously. How do I get flu-ish this early?

So after dealing with the kitchen sink issue, and getting Hulu back in order, I went to Alex’s art show (which was beyond fabulous), and then did my AIDS Walk with Newbs. I was then fully prepared to spend the next bit of the weekend finally potting the new lemon tree so that the cat doesn’t eat it, burying what is left of the avocado, and then, finally, getting two grants done for the non-profit I contract for down south. And when I first got home I felt good. Better than average. Not too shabby.


And then I had an Exorcist moment. For the next two days.

I won’t go into the gory details (I mean, if you haven’t seen the movie before you should, it does wonders to your imagination of what I went through) but it was pretty miserable. Took Monday off, and have been digging out ever since. Work was and has been stressful as I’m learning even more of what Davey did behind the scenes and how steep the learning curve can be, but after a marathon day yesterday and today, I’m finally feeling like things are getting back to a reasonable pace. Don’t. Jinx. It.

tumblr_inline_nb71if8F5A1s2dtn3Seriously. This song. Right now.

So I am planning on getting back into the saddle BLERG-wise. The (cr)ISIS going on in the Middle East is obviously something we can all rally around, at least in terms of pissing people off, and goodness knows that there’s enough going on in the local news in light of the upcoming elections that I should have loads of material to work with. Look forward to some posts soon about my travails with the UPS/USPS/FedEx trifecta of evil shipping, an upcoming fund drive I am volunteering for at the local public radio station, and more than likely a diatribe about the bull$%^t going on in terms of new voter ID laws. Otherwise known as “let’s disenfranchise poor and old people with no scientific basis or merit to voter suppression.”

voter-suppressionNot that I have strong opinions.

Until next time, stay classy (and healthy, PLEASE) Salt Lake.

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