Blood Moon

After another few days away from the BLERG and my 33rd birthday, I knew it was time to get back into the writing ring. And while listening to one of the most painful radio debates of 2014 (seriously, who could make Jason Chaffetz sound like a decent human being), I decided that instead of focusing on the negative, or the obviously positive (aka SCOTUS) that I would instead let everyone know that the sprig of inspiration for my next novel NaNoWriMo escapade has been percolating in my mind for a bit.


And it will be epic.

While the Vassar Murders is still in the editing stages (I know, I know, just publish the damned thing and get on with it), I am ready and rearing to start the next trashy novel. I had originally thought about doing a sequel, but I thought that trying to work on a sequel while still not having gotten the first book officially off of the ground was déclassé. So instead, I think I might focus instead on something in a similar vein but on a different topic. And I think it will be called BLOOD MOON.


Still trash. Still horror. But not college.

So instead I will focus my efforts on another sort of murder-mystery/thriller type of book, something maybe supernatural, maybe not. Lots of plot twists, probably a lot of dirty scenes (I mean, let’s be honest, it sells), and definitely not a “feel good” read. More of a guilty pleasure. But beyond that, I don’t want to ruin the surprise, now do I? Will it involve a strong female lead this time? Probably. Will it involve zombies or vampires? Kind of doubt it. I feel like it’s been done to death. Unless you count Resident Evil.


Because I am LIVING for the sequel.

So while I’ll be busting tail at work and after work on a bunch of writing assignments, and trying to squeeze in more volunteering before it gets too cold, I am cautiously optimistic that come November, I will have the time and the brain power to churn out another book, and then hopefully take that energy (and the two manuscripts) and finally, finally get something published in something other than a scientific text or on the interwebs.


Not that I would forsake the BLERG. For shame.

Until next time, stay classy (and tuned in for some plot twists) Salt Lake.

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